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DGA Making Plans to open for 2020

Updated: May 7, 2020

The board is currently developing a plan to operate in the 2020 season. See below for emerging details.

2020 Course Plan

As most of you may be experiencing in your own lives, it is difficult for us to forecast this season. We do not know the length of the 2020 season nor how many people will use the course. As a result, the board has decided to try to operate a limited course offering to start the season. At opening, only two staff members available to manage the administration and maintenance of the course. This means we will be limited in what we can offer, however we expect to be able to offer a good standard of golfing.

Based on current public health guidelines, at opening, the following outlines some unique operating changes that will be active until territorial health guidance changes:

  • No Clubhouse access. As a result, we will not be immediately offering the driving range, food and beverage service, or organizing any tournaments or events. This may change as public health restrictions change.

  • We will only accept online payments. This includes memberships and golf fees for walk up golfers. We have installed a new store functionality on our website, which will allow all players to help keep staff, themselves and other players safe. Please register on-site when you arrive to play your round.

COVID-19 Measures in Play

We are currently developing COVID-19 measures for play. These will include the standard physical distancing guidelines as well as measures that are specific to golf. We will have adequate signage in all public areas. Staff will make every effort to maintain sanitary shared spaces however; this will require some commitment from players as well.

We will be providing a code of conduct. We expect players to support our staff in maintaining health and safety of all players by following the code of conduct. We reserve the right to refuse access to the course and facilities to any players that violate the code of conduct and endanger the health and well-being of staff and others.

We need your help to operate in 2020

All this to say that we will be golfing this season and look forward to seeing you on the course!

We need your help to make sure this unique situation works for our course.

Please buy a membership. Please pay online. Please follow the protocols we have in place. Moreover, please, tell your friends to come golfing in 2020

Paul, pp. Dawson Golf Association Board of Directors

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